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This class provides fields/functions for managing Sections in the current level.

Section class
Type Function/Field Return values/Value type Description
Constructor mySection = Section(int sectionID) Section Construct a new Section-Object. sectionID is the section number of the specific section.
Field Section.boundary RECTd The section boundary.
Field Section.musicID number The musicID of the section. (LunaLua ≥ v0.7.2)
Field Section.isLevelWarp boolean If the section is a warp level. (LunaLua ≥ v0.7.2)
Field Section.hasOffscreenExit boolean If the section can be left by going out of bounds of the level. (LunaLua ≥ v0.7.2)
Field Section.backgroundID number The background ID of the section. (LunaLua ≥ v0.7.2)
Field Section.noTurnBack boolean If the player cannot go back in the left direction. (LunaLua ≥ v0.7.2)
Field Section.isUnderwater boolean If the section is a underwanter section. (LunaLua ≥ v0.7.2)