TheXTech v1.3.5 has been released!

This is another bigger update with a dozen of important changes.

  • This version features the first mobile version of the game developed for the Android platform!
  • The gamepads support has been upgraded and exchanged, now it supports the hot re-plugging and auto-mapping for the gamepads and joysticks. Also, here you will be able to use both D-Pad and the left analog stick to control the movement of a playable character.
  • In addition, there are other vanilla bugs that have been fixed such as the mortal bug that kills Link riding the Clown Car gets touched by the vine.
  • To address compatibility issues with some levels the ability to restore the old behavior of checkpoints has been added into compat.ini. The Speedrun modes 2 and 3 will also restore the old checkpoints behavior back.
  • The macOS version of the game now has the universal build that will run well on both x86_64 and the arm64 architectures (Thanks to kode54 for the guidance on how to make it).
  • Here you can copy and delete game saves from the game menu directly!
    And many other fixes and additions...

Read more details here:

EDIT 2th of June 2021: The Version small update has been released:

All details and downloads on the project page!

Posted 05/05/2021 01:47 by Wohlstand

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