Platformer Game Engine Project v0.4.3 Beta

Hello everyone!
After more than a year of development, it's time to release a new stable snapshot! The reason these have not happened as often is that I've had to deal with time and energy constraints. However, it's finally time to release a new snapshot and continue towards major progress for this project.

Regarding PGE Engine development, the recent release of the source code of a game that was one of the inspirations for me beginning this project means I now have a better source of knowledge that will greatly benefit me with engine development. In other words, after the release of this snapshot, some difficult development work for the PGE Engine is upcoming.

Downloads here:

Note: To get the full buildable source code please use the "pge-project-linux-0.4.3-beta-x86_64.tar.bz2" archive in this list, it will include all necessary submodules. Regular zip and tar.gz downloads will not include them and therefore they are unbuildable (a limitation of GitHub).


Engine 0.3.3-dev

  • Fixed crash on missing player animation sequence
  • Added support for Android
  • Added protection from an excessively high framespeed which may appear due incorrect v-sync settings in video driver settings
  • Fixed incorrect animation setup after height change via user's NPC.txt configs
  • Added Data() class into Lua API to store any custom data in game save
  • Fixed incorrect utf8 processing of translation data
  • Fixed unstable glypth length value in message box with mixed TTF and raster fonts
  • Added French translation by NathanBnm

Editor 0.3.2-dev

  • Added support for element (Block, BGO, NPC), section, and level-wide Extra Settings
  • Config pack is now able to specify the default file format
  • When SMBX64 formats are default,  strict mode is turned on in untitled files
  • Added Chinese translation by 快乐爱的小精灵
  • Added safer file saving strategy
  • Fixed a flaw that allows using level file selector in the untitled world map file
  • Added an ability to hide or disable certain field or feature from the config pack
  • Added Dutch translation by Gameinsky
  • LunaTester now is cross-platform and no more needs 32-bit Editor on Windows for a work (`LunaLoader-exec.exe` module is required)
  • Fixed unneeded special values reset for NPCs
  • Fixed incorrect animation setup after height change via user's NPC.txt configs
  • Fixed a clumping of elements inside the Tileset Editor
  • Added separated music boxes toolbox for world map
  • On Linux and macOS, there is no longer a need to try to restart the Editor twice after crash: a single try should start the Editor normally now
  • Added NPC config pack option to disable "Auto-Increment" support for custom value of spin-box type
  • Fixed inability to change special value by level/episode custom NPC INI config file
  • Added hot keys for "Create New": Ctrl+N for levels; Alt+N, M for world maps; and Alt+N, N for NPC configs; Ctrl+Shift+N will spawn a menu to select a type of file to create
  • Fixed an incorrect NPC frame shown as the new-placing cursor phantom
  • Improved UI of Tileset Editor
  • Added scroll area into Tileset Editor's scene to allow use it on smaller monitors
  • Added a grid drawing in the Tileset Editor's scene
  • Fixed confusion of world map scenery order while going through editing history or copy-pasting
  • Fixed unnecessary music enabling bug on a world map
  • Added "is-meta-object" element option in a config pack to hide elements from exported images or from the game entirely
  • Added French translation by NathanBnm

MusPlay 1.4.2

  • Added tempo change slider (will work for some formats only)
  • Added tooltip to display current volume value while sliding volume by mouse
  • On Linux and macOS there is no longer a need to try restarting MusPlay twice after a crash: a single try should start MusPlay normally
  • File association now works on Linux
  • Music looping control: added ability to set loop to 1, 2, 3 times or keep loop forever
  • Added position and panning effects controlling for SFX testing
  • Added Audio Settings to change sample rate, format and a count of channels
  • Added an ability to change Timidity config path on the fly
  • Added an ability to change FluidSynth SF2 path on the fly

Calibrator 2.2

The playable character calibrator has gotten many fixes and updates to resolve a dozen of problems which people had, including UI issues that might have led to an inability to save frames into output files among other things. Internationalization support has also been added.



The Maintainer utility now has working GIFs2PNG and PNG2GIFs UIs. These are much more handy than they weres inside of the Editor: users now have a here drop box style UI where you can drop pictures to quickly convert them, and the another tab for a batch conversion of images include a minimal config pack support to provide missing masks for episodes are lacks them.

Posted 02/20/2020 08:48 by Wohlstand

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