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Post #1by RSupertheGreat » 4 Aug 2017, 7:17

NOTE: This topic is a serious discussion. If you made jokes that doesn't help with anyone or the topic, don't bring it here.

We, people have problems in real life. We oftenly made big or small mistakes on some places like school, jobs, etc.
Discuss or say something how's your life in this topic. Sometimes, if you someone's post about real life that seems to be interesting, you can comment on them or if you found if they're in a bad mood.
I'm not interested with Halloween lol, therefore my country didn't celebrate it.
Yes, I'm a girl. If you guys are thinking I'm a boy.
I have autism and ADHD. Which sometimes, I could easily get misunderstood.
I hate most people.
I don't even have a crush but..
My level/episode playthrough thread:

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