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LunaLua - is a free and open source extension for legacy SMBX Engine of version 1.3 which contains some patches, fixes, improvments, and also extends it with adding of the lua script language support!


  • Increasing of total performance
  • Fixes of some bugs
    • npc-*.txt with decimal numbers will no more crash SMBX with "runtime error 13"
    • fixes a random crash caused by contacting of the mushrooms with a lava blocks
  • OpenGL render support
  • SMBX's audio engine has been replaced with the better and more flexible SDL Mixer X library which also gives to SMBX the internal support of a lots of additional music formats
  • Added PGE's sounds.ini and music.ini support which gives ability to have custom musics (include world map musics!) and custom sound effects per episode.

In comparison with LunaDLL

LunaLua is a continuation of LunaDLL which adds the script language lua. The problem with Autocode (the LunaDLL-language) is the lack of flexibility that it has (such as the way it lacks custom functions, variables,... etc). With this we don't need any hardcoded code for complex ideas anymore.

Screenshots and videos

LunaLua: CinematX preview thing
(Demo of CinematX lua library for LunaLua)
LunaLua with effects system
(Example of custom effect controlling)
LunaLua-SMBX: Jump Event Experiences
(All switches are triggering on jump)


NOTE: LunaLua no longer receives standalone updates. We highly recommend downloading SMBX 2.0 which already contains LunaLua.

How to download LunaLua:

  • Select a version of LunaLua
  • If you already has LunaLua, just select "Update only" and then download a small update package
  • If you downloading LunaLua first time or you'v got troubles after update, choice a "Full Installation"
    • Choice a base game ("SMBX 1.3" or "A2XT")
    • Choice "Include complete standalone game" if you wish to take runnable package of SMBX Engine with pre-installed LunaLua. Download that if you have no SMBX installed or you wish to have LunaLua as separated assembly.

1. Please select the version of LunaLua:

...or download latest Nightly/Dev-Build

2. Please select the type of the installation:

Select target base Game:

Source code

(Requires Visual Studio 2015 for build)

Download sources (zip)

Our GitHub repository

Help, FAQ and Documentation

Full LunaLua API Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions about Lua Errors

Official Help and support on the PGE Forums

Official Help and support on the Talkhaus

Official Help and support on the SMBX Forums

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