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February development news (PGE & LunaLUA)

PGE Editor

After a bit of work, PGE Editor now has much better integration with SMBX:

  • It's no longer required to launch SMBX Editor to test SMBX levels, SMBX level editor window will be launched automatically when you will want to test a SMBX level in PGE Editor.
  • Compatibility with Vanilia builds, you still do a test even LunaLUA is not installed, but you should start a dummy episode yourself.
  • configure.exe (a tool provided with SMBX Integration config pack) now gives a flexible configuring of configuration package: it will automatically import custom musics and sound names from music.ini and sounds.ini presented in LunaLUA-SMBX, and it will convert all SFX'es in the Vanilia-SMBX into OGG format to allow compatibility with SDL Mixer Ext library.



LunaLua v0.7.3 is finally released! Kevsoft apologizes for long waiting, since this version has a lot of critical changes.
Please make sure that your CC12 level works with this version of LunaLua!


SDL Mixer X - a fork of SDL Mixer library

Recent update now finally allws us to have fixed resampling, therefore all applications which use it no longer play garbage on non-44100 hz music files!



Posted 02/08/2016 10:59 by Wohlstand

PGE Update (Editor, Engine 0.2.5-alpha)

This is a bugfix update which contains partial optimization works, that increase performance of the editor and the engine.
We're sorry that it took us a bit too long for a new update, we had to do a lot of work over common optimization which is still unfinished yet.

This update contains mainly important bugfixes and better stability. Read the changelog ("Read more...") for more information.

Also, Happy New Year!


Posted 01/03/2016 03:58 by Wohlstand

LunaLua v0.7.2.2 has been released

LunaLua v0.7.2.2 has been released!


  • Extended NPC class
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Fixed Camera.width and Camera.height
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Fixed the bug, where functions Blocks.get and Blocks.getInterseting didn't include the last block.
  • Added onNPCKill event
  • Blocks can now be spawned with Block.spawn(...)



Posted 11/14/2015 10:40 by Kevsoft

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